MARK brings you more new customization in 2017!

Happy New Year ?

The brand new 2017 is coming in! We wish your coming year filled with peace, love and unconditional joy! ❤️

On this celebratory occasion, we are bringing you an exciting news: new MARK updates ✨

What’s new about MARK?

More information for services ?

More information for services

You can now add two additional pieces of information for Services:

(1) More details

Customers can click more details to read more description about that particular service. You can write down important notes such as rules & reminders.

(2) Message sent after booking is confirmed

This is a customized auto-reply message which will be sent to the customers after you have confirmed their bookings. You may set up messages such as payment reminder.

Message sent after booking is confirmed

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1. 活躍經營臉書社群的老闆

2. 每月網路行銷預算不超過 NTD 2,000

3. 每週有半小時以上的空檔


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MARK’s Christmas Updates: New Features are Up Now!

❄️ Merry Christmas ?

May your holiday be merry and bright as well as the rest of your days. We are sending you lots of love and bringing you new updates from MARK this Christmas season ?✨

What’s new about MARK?

Brand new web calendar ?

All your calendars and services are now organized in card view. You choices will be displayed on the left while your working area is on the right.

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