Chatbot in Tourism: Enhancing travelers’ experience with “NP360 Bot”

Ngong Ping 360 Brand new ticketing purchase experience on Facebook Messenger Chatbot

We have all been there, arriving at a tourist spot feeling excited until we see the long queue that kills the thrill. To better execute crowd control measures, Sanuker and Ngong Ping 360 jointly present the innovative Chatbot – “NP360 EQ-System” to optimize travelers’ experience.

Don’t make me wait

Adding to the tendency where customers incline to overestimate the wait time, their satisfaction depend more on the perceived wait time than the actual one.

Waste no time

Available on both Facebook Messenger and WeChat, “NP360 EQ-System” sets itself to serve travelers as a personal assistant in aiding their journeys even prior to their arrival. Get an “EQ Pass” with the packages of your choice, tell us the number of travelers, and you are all set to go!

NP 360 Bot_packages and no.of travellers

Not only does the chatbot do ticket reservations with a unique “EQ pass number” assigned to each user, it sends a reminder message when it is almost his turn to grab the reserved tickets as well. Travelers can now spend extra time exploring the city before they ride on the cable-car!

NP360 Bot_EQ Pass and reminder


Driving travelers to utilize this Chatbot is of paramount importance. It puts them under personalized attention and allows them to have a perceived control over time, which they assign extraordinary value to.

All customers are loss-averse. They prefer avoiding losses than acquiring equivalent gains. Instead of telling them how much wait time they have saved, this Chatbot makes them feel privileged by minimizing their time wasted spent in the line.

Try out NP360 Bot here.

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