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EF Locker Chatbot

The Coronavirus has kept us all indoor. The stay-at-home economy has clearly impacted most service industries, such as restaurants, retails and tourism. However, where there is risk, there is opportunity. Some industries, on the other hand, are seeing exponential growth in this difficult situation.

Digital Transformation is the Key

E-commerce services are one of the very few sectors that withstand or even benefit from the Coronavirus. People spend more time on their phones browsing videos and shopping online, especially for cleaning supplies. They end up spending more money on it too. I’m pretty sure this economical storm has made most company realize that **digital transformation</strong> is a must to sustain and grow your business.

We are lucky to be involved in the digital transformation of EF Locker. The blooming e-commerce service has as well brought a significant increase of usage in the logistics and delivery sector. With the adoption of Messenger Chatbot, EF Locker has improved its customer service by fitting into the general behaviour of its customers.

What is the Problem?

EF Locker Chatbot

Repeated Customer Enquiry

EF Locker has been receiving over a hundreds customer messages everyday on just one simple thing: “When will my package be delivered? Where is it now?” In fact, as the leader in self-pickup locker service, EF Locker has a very comprehensive system to keep their customers well informed. The whole delivery process is utterly transparent and the customers can actually go onto their website to track the delivery status of their packages.

Nonetheless, very few customers would actually follow the practice to find the relevant information on the site. Instead, under the rapid growth of messaging and information technology, most customers will choose to seek assistance from the brand via social media and messaging platform. Facebook has become the new email.

Assigning human resources to answer repeated questions would be not cost-efficient and ineffective to the growth of business. That’s why EF Locker explores the use of chatbot to ease their pain point.

What Have We Done to Help?

Build Comprehensive Conversation Flows

Firstly, we have created a Messenger chatbot with three main flows: 商務或運單查詢, 順便智能櫃 and 語言設定. These conversation flows have covered up to 90% of the enquiry.

Real-time API Checking

Secondly, we make use of API to integrate with EF Locker’s backend system on waybill details. Customers will be able to search for the delivery status simply by entering their waybill number. The current status is checked and returned from API in real-time.

EF Locker Chatbot Check Waybill

Resolve Repeated Enquiry

Similarly, with the use of API, customers can enter any address to find out the lockers located nearby.

EF Locker Chatbot Find Nearby Lockers

Stella Chatbot Builder on AWS

Fourthly, we have adopted Stella, our chatbot builder solutions produced in-house, to create the whole conversation architecture. EF Locker team can also perform content management on Stella at the same time. Stella is powered by AWS Lambda in conjunction with AWS API Gateway to ensure chatbots built on Stella are robust, scalable and reliable. With Stella, your chatbot is always on and always ready for your next customer.

How Much We Have Improved So Far?

In 6 months, EF Locker Messenger Chatbot has resolved 5,000+ enquiries from customers. Average response time of each customer enquiry has significantly improved.

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