IWC Chatbot Go Live in Hong Kong

Chatbot is definitely one of the hottest topics in digital marketing communities right now. We have received enquiries from brands and there is a lot of discussion on why need a chatbot?

We are not going to swamp you with every benefit of chatbot. Instead, we share with you one of our customer cases.

Start with a messaging mission

The clients need to believe in innovation, not only in engineering their products, but also in understanding their customers to drive engagement and loyalty. The messaging mission of this 5-question quiz is to help customers to find out their dream watches from IWC’s rich collections and appreciate the craftsmanship and history of the brand.


Try out IWC Watchbot here.

Stay true to the style

Style is all about character, and the tone of the language defines the character of the bot. There is a concern that technology is killing human touch and this is the last thing that the brands should be doing. However, consumers are adopting technology and messaging is what people do everyday, it makes perfect sense for brands to have a presence on messaging platforms to drive engagement. Here are 3 tips that can make your chatbot intuitive and personalized.

1) Name your chatbot


We give a relevant name, Watchbot, and tell the users this is a bot and its mission at the very beginning.

2) Use emoji ? ❤️ ??


You may check out our favourite site where we just copy and paste the emoji.

3) Call to action


The users can like, share and further leave their contact details, if they want to be contacted. Watchbot will also direct to the site for further information.

We hope you enjoy our work. Try out IWC Watchbot here.

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