Generating sales for IWC’s 150th Anniversary with Interactive Chatbot Experience

Have you ever wished you could just reset the time on your watch and return to the past? From April 20th to June 10th, IWC’s 150th anniversary “time machine”, powered by a Sanuker chatbot – “IWC Chatbot” , will guide every visitors through the rich and prestigious history of the world renowned watchmaker in a truly immersive and unique experience.

IWC150 chatbot

Bringing People to the Store

The IWC pop-up store in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay houses the time machine and the actual historical showcases. From the marketing standpoint, it is of paramount importance to convert the online traffic into actual offline visitors to the physical pop-up store. With an activation code of the journey placed on the wall of the pop up store which is designed to be changed everyday, people must be physically present in the store.


Would anyone be more likely to complete the entire journey with an incentive? Definitely! To make the entire experience more rewarding to those who participated, an IWC signature tote bag is rewarded once the participant has finished every checkpoints in the pop-up store.

Completing all the Checkpoints for IWC150 Tote Bag

Besides the activation, there are a total of 3 checkpoints. Each checkpoint can be completed by locating the answers hidden throughout the pop up store. Those answers usually introduce the brand’s watchmaking history. Not only does this interactive experience provide valuable knowledge to visitors in a fun way, it also establishes a stronger brand awareness to the public.

The first checkpoint lands you on a giant screen with the “Time Machine” activation button. After pressing it, you must finish a short video that introduces the history of different prominent IWC watches families.


After you have picked a family of your choice, you proceed to the second checkpoint which is the stair connecting to the upper floor. Here you will be challenged by the chatbot to identify the figure in the photograph.


The chatbot will then guide you to the second floor where the third checkpoint is located. It would require you to examine the watches carefully in order to complete the final challenge.


Finally, you are good to go and redeem the limited IWC signature tote bag from the staff!



  • Chatbot as Sales Generation

All participants will go through all the IWC products and showcases in the process. After completion of task, they are required to reach the staff to grab the reward. The staff will be able to engage the participants directly. For example, they can use this window to sell their products and convert the participants into potential customers. In this process, the chatbot provides a great opportunity for sales to create meaningful interaction with potential customers.

  • Driving Online Traffic to Offline

What is the point of getting all the attention online but there is no traffic to your actual store? Combining the online technology and smart design of a physical store, the chatbot offers an experience that can drive visitors to the offline environment and keep them engaged.

  • Chatbot as a Brand Ambassador

In the process, the chatbot also serves as a brand ambassador that teaches every participants valuable historical knowledge about the company and raises their brand awareness.

Try out “IWC150 Chatbot” here from April 20th to June 10th

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