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Sanuker has been very active in the startup and coding community in Hong Kong. Apart from helping our clients achieve their dreams to build their mobile apps and websites, we also put much effort in education — we hope to bring in more new blood to the programming industry, and most importantly, we hope everyone loves coding!

Here are a few examples of what we do:




We start off holding regular coding class on Thursday nights in our office for internal training purpose. We have successfully trained up our staffs whom are originally in non-development roles to be capable of building a simple responsive webpage on their own. We then think of extending the workshop to general public and entrepreneurs who are interested in stepping into the coding world.




In May 2016, Sanuker Academy starts cooperating with The Wave Hong Kong. The Wave has shown generosity through sponsoring the workshop venue to us. Instead of holding new classes every Thursday, we change it into a bi-weekly workshop: each class lasts for two weeks.


We have also done live broadcast and virtual meetup of some of our lessons. One of our popular tutorials for beginners are “How to build a WhatsApp in 3-hour?”. Overseas learners could check out our Meetup or YouTube channel for upcoming video tutorials. Remember to subscribe us!


From time to time we write blog posts on Meteor tutorial in both Chinese and English. Some are easy tricks for beginners and some are actually problems that we encountered in our projects (of course we do figure out the solutions at last).

The following are tutorials we have written so far:
1. Cordova/Meteor Tutorials: How Do You Auto Focus on Input Field?
2. Meteor Globalization Lesson 1: Deployment to Different Currencies
3. Trim Length of Text and Show Ellipsis in Meteor
4. How to Display a Native Alert Box in Meteor?
5. Meteor/Cordova: How to Share Texts or Images in WeChat Moment on both platforms?
6. Meteor/Cordova:利用微信开发工具包SDK实现朋友圈分享
7. Meteor/Cordova: How to Use Alipay Cross-Border E-Payment Service? (Part 1: Make Payment)
8. Meteor/Cordova: How to Use Alipay Cross-Border E-Payment Service? (Part 2: Capture Payment)
9. Meteor: How to Create a Facebook Custom Tab? (Part 1: SSL Configuration & Deployment)
10. Meteor: How to Create a Facebook Custom Tab? (Part 2: Facebook Tab Customization)
11. 如何在Ubuntu 14.04的Docker容器裡安裝WordPress?


We are planning to organize two education programs in the upcoming summer:

(A) One-day Workshop for Entrepreneurs 3 hours in the morning session and 3 hours in the afternoon. We aim to teach the students basic programming knowledge and use of Meteor.

(B) Intermediate Programming Course We are targeting students who have completed the beginner’s level one-day workshop. They could be promoted to a short intensive programming course throughout the whole July.

We will post the workshop and course updates on our Facebook and Meetup. Meanwhile, we are recruiting new learners for our next Thursday class. If you are interested, stay tuned and join our coding force :)!

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