Sanuker Bot Marks the Bright Start of Our Dayday Bot Chatbot Campaign

The Sanuker team has been working closely with many of the international and local brands on building their own chatbots (See IWC Chatbot Go Live in Hong Kong). We believe Chatbot to be the next marketing frontier but we also realized that the market has little knowledge of this cutting-edge technology. That’s why we decide to roll out the Dayday Bot campaign.

What is Dayday Bot?

We will brainstorm, build and roll out a chatbot a week – everything from scratch. We will develop chatbots across different fields (e.g. lifestyle, news and magazines, entertainment) with varied functions. This is to showcase the possibilities of what chatbots can do or can be to marketers and businesses. More importantly, we want people to understand more about chatbots and be creative about the potentials of it.

Imagine you are running a sports and recreation business, chatbot could be your customer’s robotic personal trainers. Chatbot could be entrepreneur’s personal assistant, everyone’s Mr. Weather, and even your closest friend.

Chatbot could fit in every context.

The First Dayday Bot: Sanuker Bot

Sanuker Bot

This week, we are launching our first bot in this campaign: Sanuker Bot. It is the professional assistant of our company as well as the best discovery channel for all the tech-lovers.

Name | Sanuker Bot
Date of Launch | 16 March 2017
Industry | Information Technology
Category | Company showcase
Key Features | Display of company’s info; newsletter updates through push notifications

When you kick off the conversation, the bot will greet you pleasantly at once and guide you to the next step. You may click on ‘About Us’ to know more about the company’s mission, culture and, most important of all, the successful projects completed and innovative products built by the team.

You may click on ‘Latest Dayday Bot’ to see the latest campaign progress. We will send out a quick newsletter to our subscribed fans every week to keep them posted on the latest software and bot development from Sanuker.

If you want to get more insights on the hottest chatbot trend and ideas, subscribe to our Sanuker Bot now and receive first-hand news from us every week.

Try Sanuker Bot

Who are we?
Sanuker is founded by passionate talents who believe in building great products. We do consulting work on website, App and Chatbot development for enterprises, brands and startups. Our flagship product, MARK, is a total online booking solution, which helps businesses manage bookings timely and accurately. We roll out the Dayday Bot campaign in March 2017, aiming to turn creative chatbot ideas into real products.

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