Share Your Feelings Lyricsly with Our Lyrics Bot

What was the last song you listened to? What was the last song you sang out loud? We believe this world can never live without music, a mysterious combination of rhythm, melody and lyrics. This week we are presenting you the lyrics bot.

Lyricsly Bot

Name | Lyrics Bot
Date of Launch | 10 April 2017
Industry | Music
Category | Lyrics Search
Key Features | Text search

Start your search by clicking ‘Find Lyrics’. You can search the full lyrics of the song you are looking for by song titles, artists or even just a fragment of words.

Besides lyrics search, you may also click ‘Today’s Lyrics’ to check out our daily lyrics quotes. We handpick lyrics inspirations every day!

Like the page and start sharing feelings lyricsly with the world.

Find Your Song

Who are we?
Sanuker is founded by passionate talents who believe in building great products. We do consulting work on website, App and Chatbot development for enterprises, brands and startups. Our flagship product, MARK, is a total online booking solution, which helps businesses manage bookings timely and accurately. We roll out the Dayday Bot campaign in March 2017, aiming to turn creative chatbot ideas into real products.

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