Meteor Globalization Lesson 1: Deployment to Different Currencies | Sanuker

It seems that there are rapid discussions on language globalization on the internet. Recently, we have come across a similar question: how to deploy to different currencies according to the users’ locations? Here’s how it works in Meteor:

First, you should install this plugin by typing this line in the root of project on console:

This plugin obtains information and performs operations specific to the user’s locale, language, and timezone.

Then, you have to create a code which suits your needs and purposes. Put this globalization code in ** lib.js**.

You may click here to learn more about the code.

You can start your login in line 21. There are a few points to note: firstly, you may hardcode the currency unit for your different products or options; secondly, you should set location checking to check the location of the user; thirdly, you should set a default currency in case the user is not in the location list you have set.

11089 11090

Last but not least, you must change your locations in your phone setting so as to be successfully detected by the app. After that, it will display the currency unit according to the location setting in your phone.

For more information, you may also refer to here. We will continue to discuss the deployment to payment gateway in globalization in Meteor.