How did Toyota achieve double-digit sales lead conversion by chatbot?

Let’s admit it. People like social media but people also like to do a quick driveby. Most of the users skim through their feeds, spending less than 15 seconds in each posts. That being said, the marketing potential of social media is undeniably immense. If you are a car company, how would you capture the elusive yet massive audience from their feeds to physically drive your cars? Chatbot may be able to help you because it helped Toyota to achieve double-digit sales lead.

How Did Chatbot Generate Sales Leads for Toyota?

Sanuker’s chatbot, Stella, is an AI which engages customer through Facebook feed and Messenger for Toyota Sienta Campaign. The chatbot replied to interested users who commented on the campaign post both privately and publicly.

facebook feedfacebook commentprivate reply

Through private conversation, Stella collected users’ preference by an engaging and interesting conversation.

chatbot user preference

Then, users was connected to the Toyota sales team by switching to live chat. The sales team utilised an efficient backend ticketing system – Teamwork to receive tickets while users remained on Facebook Messenger.

live chat ticketingtest drive

Not only would the online traffic take a longer stop to Toyota’s content, Stella paved the way to convert actual sales leads from the online users.

sienta chatbot campaign 2

Key Benefits of Chatbot

👉Marketing with Pinpoint Accuracy

Unlike any other Facebook ads, Chatbot allows Toyota to take ownership of messaging users and proactively market to the right audience at the right time through segmentation and data collection. We could also recommend creative approach to future campaigns based on all the new data.

👉Adaptive and Agile Approach to Real-time User Experience

Through monitoring the real-time performance and the market reaction in the campaign period, the team was able to evolve and adjust the Chatbot to capture even more audience. For example, by sending out system push messages to encourage users to complete any unfinished conversations, more sales leads are converted for Toyota from the returned users.

sienta chatbot campaign 1

Insights for a Better Designed Chatbot

👍🏼Shorter Conversation Length

Users are more likely to complete the conversation flow within 5 message bubbles.

👍🏼Ask the Right Question

Users are more likely to reveal their behavior and future preference.

👍🏼Hybrid Design

Automatic help messages can guide users to complete the conversation flow. Personalized messages can engage users into a more interesting conversation

👍🏼System Push Messages Are Necessary

The best push time would be: early beginning of campaign & the day before the end of campaign.

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